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At Quality Pest Control Herts we have over 20 years experience in the pest control industry, working with customers across Hertfordshire and North London dealing with all types of common pests in the UK. We do not believe in cruelty to animals and take great care in protecting non- target animals and the environment therefore we use live traps and rodenticide baiting.

Below are details of the most common pests we deal with.

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Moth Control Hatfield

Moths - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Common clothes moth

This is a small Moth which varies between 4-7mm in size with pale straw-coloured forewings with no pattern and is common throughout Britain and most of the world, except for the tropics. This Moth is an insect that is related to the butterfly and they are both in the order of Lepidoptera. There are many types of Moths that cause problems in our homes which include the Common Clothes Moth.

Indian meal moths

Indian meal moths live for 5 – 7 days. Indian meal moths can be introduced through food or can come into the homes from outside. Indian meal moths’ infestations begin with the stored foods that contain the pest’s eggs. The pest may infest pantry goods during production in the store or in the home, Indian meal moths multiply quickly.

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Bed Bugs Removal Hatfield

Bed Bugs - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Bed bugs are a bloodsucking parasite of humans and feed on some domestic animals.

A Bed Bug bite is painless however It is the Bed Bugs saliva that causes irritation, swelling and redness.

Bed Bugs tend to feed at night but could feed any time if the room is dark.

Bed Bugs live in bed clothes, mattresses, springs & frames, soft furniture, cracks & crevices & under wallpaper.

A Bed Bugs life cycle can take between 1 & 4 months, this is dictated by temperature & availability of food.

Female Bed Bugs lay between 200-500 eggs in batches of 10 - 50, on rough surfaces such as wood or paper.

Their eggs are white, sticky, and are about 1/3-inch-long, they are laid in cracks or crevices but never on human beings.

Bed bugs are blood feeding parasites of humans, bats, chickens and sometimes even domesticated animals. They are suspected carriers of Leprosy, Q Fever, Oriental Sore & Brucellosis however they have never been proven in the spread of these diseases to humans.

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Cockroaches Removal Hatfield

Cockroaches - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Cockroaches that are normally found in the UK are the oriental cockroach and the German cockroach. They are often large insects, but they can range in size from 10-23mm they have a long antenna and two pairs of wings.

Cockroaches can carry the germs of food poisoning on their bodies and are responsible for the spread of dysentery and gastro-enteritis. Cockroaches can feed on almost anything including faecal matter. Food contamination may occur when they come in to contact with the food, food preparation surfaces or through faecal contamination of foodstuffs.

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Bees, Wasps & Hornets Control Hatfield

Wasps - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Bees and Wasps are quite different both visually and habitually; Wasps tend to be the more aggressive of the two with Bees generally being quite passive creatures. Honey Bees may swarm at any time during the Spring and Summer months. However, at some point the swarm of Bees will decide on an area to take up permanent residence and occasionally this may be in areas that is not considered ideal. Do not attempt to move or destroy any Honey Bees unless you are suitably qualified. Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked. A sting can be extremely painful especially when you have an allergic reaction which could lead to an anaphylaxis shock. Wasp nest removal is therefore required when you notice a level of activity of wasps in and around your property in order to reduce the risk of being stung. When dealing with wasp nest removal it is vital you do not attempt this yourself. It is vital that you call in a professional pest controller.

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Mice, Rats & Rodents Removal Hatfield

Rats - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Mice, they can be a real nuisance and they can also be a health risk, causing damage to food, furniture. They also carry and spread various pathogens, this is helped by the fact that they urinate almost constantly throughout property. Here are some facts that will help you understand their presence in your property.

House Mouse: these have Small eyes but large ears, they have a pointed nose and are a Brown Grey in colour. You would find these in most areas and are a lot more active after dark.

Wood Mouse: these have Large Eyes and ears they have hind feet with a long tail have a yellowish mark on their chest. They normally stay in gardens and in the woodland areas but also in sand banks.

Do Mice carry germs and disease? Yes, they carry Salmonella, Tapeworms , Leptospirosis, Murine Typhus, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and these are just some of the diseases that mice could carry. Although this may sound quite alarming it is not a bad thing to be aware of these threats to human health.

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Rats Removal Hatfield

The two main species of rats that are causing problems are the black rat and the more common brown rat. Whilst both rats continue to find food and shelter, they will happily come in and breed in your home, so it’s important the problem is not ignored. Rats can grow up to 40 cm in length and between 350 to 500g in weight. A lot of damage can be done by Rats this is due to them gnawing electric cables, ripping open packets and destroying food substances with their urine and droppings, which presents a real danger to human health.

Are they dangerous? These pests can carry diseases that may be serious or even life-threatening to people. these diseases include Weils Disease (Leptospirosis)this is the most commonly known disease, this can cause flu like symptoms and in some cases could even be fatal. However rats can carry many more chronic diseases including Salmonellosis, Bubonic Plague, Septicemic Plague, Pneumonic Plague, Tuberculosis and E.coli. These diseases can be devastating and sometimes fatal, these could be caught from surfaces or water that is contaminated with the rat’s urine.

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Fleas Removal Hatfield

Fleas - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

There are many types of flea in the UK and they all have mouthparts designed to pierce the skin and suck the blood from a mammal. Fleas are a wingless insect, however they are very agile due to their long legs which allow them to jump vertically up to 7inches (18cm) vertically and horizontally up to 13 inches ( 33cm) which makes them one of the biggest jumpers out of all the known animals relative to its body size.

A female flea will lay up to 50 eggs per day, about 2,000 in her lifetime.

The entire life cycle can be as short as 3 to 4 weeks.

There tends to be an increase in fleas 5 to 6 weeks after the weather starts to warm up.

The eggs hatch in to larvae in between two to five days.

The treatment for fleas is that the floor area should be vacuumed and the whole area should be sprayed with residual insecticide. In most cases this would mean that there would need to be 2 – 3 visits carried out.

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Ants Removal Hatfield

Ants - Quality Pest Control Across Hatfield, Hertfordshire & North London

Black Ants are social insects and several thousand may be present in a large nest. Ants feed on sweet substances such as plant nectar and the sticky secretions produced by aphids or greenfly. In the home they are attracted to sugary foods such as jam and confectionery. The pharaoh ant is a small yellow or light brown, almost transparent ant notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest, the pharaoh ant queen can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

Aerosols and gels are used in a combination to combat infestation.

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Rodents carry many diseases that may be serious or even life threatening to people and animals. These may be caught by contact with surfaces or water contaminated with rodent urine. Some of the diseases are Hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, rat bite fever, weils disease to name a few.

Cockroach diseases can include salmonella and gastroenteritis. They can also cause allergies and typhi that can cause typhoid, also dysentery and poliomyelitis which can cause polio.

Wasp, bees and hornets are common especially in the warmer months, most people recover quickly and without any complications. There is however some people that suffer a more severe reaction as a anaphylaxis shock and must seek immediate emergency care so don't leave that wasp, hornet or bees nest untreated as people can develop a severe reaction at any time during there life time.

There are mainly two kind of moth that can cause us problems in our homes them being textile moths, or common clothes moth that can destroy our carpet our wool and cashmere clothes and our silks. Then there is the Indian meal moth, which can destroy our foods and pantry. Control of these pest can sometimes prove hard and the earlier you treat the better control you will achieve.

Fleas are very common in the summer months and can take over our homes very quickly as soon as your dog/cat starts itching its time to have your property treated and never allow a stray cat into your property not even just to feed as most strays are contaminated with fleas and flea eggs.

Bed bugs are a persons worst nightmare and the thought of a parasite living and feeding from us is enough to send you crazy they are fast becoming a public health issue also. They can double there population every sixteen days so have them treated and destroyed as soon as possible and be very vigilant when returning from holidays as this is the most common way to introduce them to your home.

These are just some of the reasons people should have these pest dealt with fast and promptly by a professional pest controller.

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